Sketch Attack!

One of the newest additions to my life is Sketch Attack. Started by one of my coworkers, SA is a Tumblr site where current and former employees of our company will be working on sketches on various subjects. Our frequency is about every two weeks, and so far our assignments have included Star Wars and Sherlock Holmes. I'll post mine up here as well once all of the sketches for a particular subject go up. Here now are my two so far:

Star Wars: Sebulba
For our first attempt, subject picked by SA founder Pat Brosseau, I decided on the evil, or should we say competitive, Pod Racer from Episode One: The Phantom Menace. Of all the faults the new series had, the idea of the Pod Race wasn't one of them, and Sebulba emerged as one of the cooler characters of the series. Standing essentially on his hands, the character easily lent himself to interesting positioning. This was also my first serious drawing in awhile so I really worked at making every detail seem right. At the same time, I got really messy with it, too, which felt pretty good. I thought about inking it, but exhausted myself, and afterward just didn't have the heart to muck it up with potentially (probably) bad inking. A fun Sebulba quote later, and wallah:

Sherlock Holmes: Sherlock and Watson "versus" a Lovecraftian beast.
Next up, Corey Breen chose Sherlock Holmes. Timely with the new movie just coming out, Corey was the only one to actually tackle that movie's version with very good results. I've never been the hugest fan of Mr. Holmes, but have loved the Guy Ritchie/Robert Downey Jr. retelling. That said, I opted for a more classical look with my sketch, but added a very unHolmesy element with the inclusion of a tentacled beast in the Lovecraftian vein. I figured that Holmes and Watson were just about from the same era, so why not the crossover? This was fun to do, but I learned a valuable lesson when dealing with something coming off panel: figure out what the damn thing looks completely first! It wasn't till I went back and thought this over that the sketch really started flowing. The eyes on the beast tentacles gave it a sort of goofy look which I kind of liked. The last step of the sketch sort of happened because our scanner is a bit messed up and couldn't give me a clean scan. Coming out sort of like a paper texture, I decided to duo-tone it and white out Watson and some of the background tentacles. I think the result gave it some nice layers:

And these two are just the start, the rest of the Tumblr is filled with excellent artwork, so please give it a check, and look for the next Sketch Attack around the week of January 23rd!