Thanks to everyone that voted for me! And thanks again to Comic Monsters for the nomination! This was a great book to work on as Scott Kolins wrote and drew his heart out. I was honored to letter over his work. I think we put together quite the unique monster mash-up book. If you missed the mini-series, look for the trade paperback in the next couple of months!

Here's the complete list of winners:


Letterer of the Year:
Sal Cipriano on Solomon Grundy

Best Scene:
The Walking Dead #60 - Morgan searches upstairs and finds something terrible. Kids poisoned and drilled in the head, a wife shot and the husband blew his head off.

Best Cross Over:
Monster Mash up as Freddy, Jason and Ash square off for round 2. (Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash 2 Nightmare Warriors)

Best Manga:
Vampire Hunter D Volume 3

Best One Shot:
Hack/Slash Entry Wound

Best Web Comic:
High Moon

Best Anthology:

Colorist of the Year:
Drew Berry on Sullengrey: Sacrifice

Inker of the Year:
Rob E. Brown on Bane of the Werewolf

Cover of the Year:
Zombie Tales #10

Best Mini Series:
Dead Irons

Best Ongoing Series:
The Walking Dead

Best Kill:
Batman: Unseen #3 - The Invisible Man cuts off an old flames head and then shows it to her husband!

Writer of the Year:
Robert Kirkman on The Walking Dead

Artist of the Year:
Rob E. Brown artist on Bane of the Werewolf