Yup, it's that time of year again! This year is obviously extra special. Check out our "Bash Pass" designed by Joe Milazzo and my Facebook reminder letter. Come on down!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

This Friday night, we embark on a most epic journey. For the past 9 years we, the Four (Fore) Fathers, have brought you all together to celebrate our vast array of friendships, intermingling one and all. For many, you only see each other at the Bash, you may never even of met, but you've Bashed together, clanged your hearty mugs, sang all the legendary songs, and made sure merriment abounded.

And now we've come to Year #10, a milestone many scoffed would never happen, but to those we laugh. The power of the camaraderie of the Bashers cannot be broken, and this year we toast to that crowning achievement. For those uninitiated, this is no typical gathering at a bar. This is a coming together of brothers and sisters from all walks of life, a celebration of all that has past and all that is yet to come. When our mugs come together we are one.

The most perfect venue, rather the most perfect vessel for this event is, of course, the legendary McSorley's Old Ale House, NYC oldest continually operating saloon. We acquired a sort of Nirvana when we first came here, and the ghosts of this hallowed hall drew us into creating the Bash, to make sure the traditions held in the walls and petrified dust will always be celebrated. You may laugh, but there is truly something special that happens at McSorley's, and there is no greater time to experience it, than at the Bash.

So once again, we remind you that Friday evening at 7pm we begin our 10th journey together, and those undecided we extend this invitation once again, and hope you can make it. To those that cannot attend, we are sorry that you will miss an extraordinary, historical event, but are also hopeful that, one day, you too may Bash.

Thank you,
Sal, Joe, Jim, Sean
When our mugs come together we are one...