Hellblazer #252: My second issue on Vertigo's longest running title, and the second part of the Scab storyline is really, really good. I had never been a big HB fan before, but I love the pace Peter Milligan is setting on this book, and the art is just astounding. They surely got me wrapped up now! I also got to do a really cool newspaper title/perspective thing on the last page that I'm pretty proud of.

Robin #183: The last issue! My first regular book has come to an end, and I'm pretty sad. The final arc was so good, and this epilogue follows it up nicely. Of note, I had to mix the title and creds of this one into a hand scripted note. That was pretty cool. I'll miss Freddie Williams' phenomenal art, and look forward to checking out his next book. Maybe I'll be on that one, too. You never can tell! Anyways, I'm glad I was a part of this title. Thanks to Jeanine, Mike, and Janelle for having me, and to Fabian and Chuck, and Freddie and Chris for providing the inspiration, and also to Guy for kicking booty beside me in the drum and bass section.

Black Lightning Year One #4: This one is narrated by the book's antagonist, the 100 one of the creepiest MF's in the DCU!

Tangent: Superman's Reign #12: Mr. Mop Up strikes again! Someone call Ron Villone, I'm infringing on his copyright!

Batman and the Outsiders: The Snare (tpb): Interesting, I did the first and last issues of this trade. This one outstanding series, more in the vein of a wide-screen action movie than a conventional super hero book. Fun enough, I just completed work on a future issue of this now Batmanless book.