El Diablo #6: Well, the mini series has come to an end, and I totally miss it already. I did a lot of work on this one, creating balloons and caps for almost every individual character. Jai Nitz wrote a hell of a story that surprised me more than once, and Phil Hester's work was fantastic. Ande Parks and Guy Major are two of the best inkers and colorists in biz, and I was honored to work with them on this. And the editors, from Nachie Castro to Brian Cunningham, were awesome. Loved it, and I look forward to this story being collected. If you missed out on it, shame on you, you missed one of the best minis in the last year. Go seek it out. And for those that read it, thanks!

Secret Six #6: I've only done a couple of issues of this, but it seems rather good, and it has a crazy swerve ending! There's also an Origins and Omens back up story featuring the Mad Hatter.

Black Lightning: Year One #3: Superman guest stars as BL's origin story continues!

Here's page 4 of El Diablo, please click to enlarge:

Courtesy of DC Comics.