So, after a month, my one post on the main page experiment is over. It was just too tiny a sample of what I'm trying to do here to work. I guess the idea was to see how many people just clicked the Older Posts or the Table of Contents links. While some did, I feel the natural human trend is to read what is there and move on. We do live in a world of attention deficits, after all. I mean, heck I'm guilty of it, too!

That said, though, I still believe in keeping the main page more manageable, and while I am expanding it, I've decided to expand it to 7 days worth of posts. This doesn't necessarily mean a week exactly, but the last 7 days in which I've posted something on; since I rarely post for a week straight. Anything after that, please click the Older Posts link at the bottom of the page, or check out the Table of Contents on the side bar for more specific pages.

I hope you guys dig this format better. Thanks for reading!