Here's the last month's worth of lettering releases including today's:

Booster Gold #15: Dan Jurgens returns to write and draw his creation! And you know, the guy has made a fan out of me. This is one fun book. I missed out just recently on #17, but hopefully I'll be back on it soon.

Secret Six #4: Interesting mini series with some equally interesting characters. I don't know much about it though, so I can't comment more than that. Good art though!

Batgirl #6: I put the icing on the cake of this miniseries. Call me Mr. Mop Up.

Batman: Private Casebook HC:
I did a couple of issues in this Detective Comics hardcover collection. Got to work on an issue with Peter Milligan, who's one of my favorite writers, and one with Paul Dini, good company there! And Dustin Nguyen's artwork has soared to new heights on this book. He's easily become one of my favorite artists.

DCU Holiday Special 2008: I lettered the Robin/Nightwing story, naturally. The art was by Family Dynamic's Tim Levins! A holiday treat indeed!

Birds of Prey #125: I really dug this one drawn by Scott McDaniel. He handled this action soaked issue perfectly. Honestly, I think it's one of the single best things he's done. Glad I could be along for the ride.

Superfriends #10: A holiday issue! Rejoice!

The All New Atom Vol. 4 TPB: I lettered most of this trade, which includes the last issue of Gail Simone's run and all of Rick Remender and Pat Olliffe's storyline, Inside Out. I wish they had found a way to release Inside Out on its own though, it really deserved it.

Reign in Hell #6:
I did the full issue this time out as Mr. Swando was attending to other business. I head back to back up status though with the next issue.

Teen Titans #66:
I got to start a new storyline, The New Deal, with this issue, which is always cool. I riffed off of the Teen Titans logo to create the story title, and I think it turned out rather well. This issue also begins the first of many changes for the team, and I'm into the direction Sean McKeever is sending them into.

The War That Time Forgot #8:
The dinosaur action continues. The next issue of this really heats up with Scott Kollins filling in and really killing on the art side of things.

El Diablo #5:
The big showdown with the Freedom Fighters! And it's some serious super hero brawling, let me tell you. I dig the Freedom Fighters, and thought their recent mini series was pretty damn good. So it was great being able to put words in their mouths in this book.