Blue Beetle #35: In this issue, Jamie Reyes goes to his school dance, and Blue Beetle is accosted by Beetle like alien warriors, at the same time! I think this is the second to last issue, and this is the final two parter. Too bad I didn't start at DC earlier, I think I would've enjoyed a nice run on this.

Teen Titans #67: The New Deal storyline continues, and Brother Blood is out Well, that was obvious. Fun issue, though, and I got to design the good Brother's caption. Oh, and it guest stars Kid Eternity, who's early 90's mini series was pretty groundbreaking, at least for me.

Reign in Hell #7: Back to back up duty again. For those that don't know, it's a pretty cool Dr. Occult tale written by Keith Giffen, and features nice art with a subdued coloring style that I'm loving.

Green Arrow/Black Canary Family Buisness (TPB): I did the last few issues in this collection. Fun, fast paced action in this book with art by Mike Norton and words by Judd Winick.

Huntress: Year One (TPB): My first full DC collection! I'm extremely proud of this collection. I lettered the original 6 issue miniseries, and I love the way this book turned out. It has a brand new cover by series artist Cliff Richards, an introduction by company president Paul Levitz(!), and just works so well as a whole. It's the origin story of Gotham's Sicilian vigilante crime fighter, and plays as both a super hero origin story and a mafia tale. Being Sicilian in origin myself, this was awesome to work on. Congrats to everyone involved in this great work! BUY THIS BOOK!

This week's preview is of Teen Titans: