Black Lightning Year One #2: Ah, a bittersweet love story this is. Well, not the book, but me on it. I was supposed to do it from issue 1, but alas I was in Iceland getting engaged when the time came. I guess it's a fair trade off. I've done this and the next one, so at least there is that. Oh, and if you didn't get issue one, or live under a rock, the art in this is by CULLY FREAKIN' HAMNER! And it guest stars a guy named get it!

Justice League of America #29: Hey lookit that, I've done a JLA! Better yet, it's written by Len Wein and drawn by Cris Cross! How about that for a guest team up?! I think my title design is pretty fun in this, too, as I wrap it behind ol' Starbreaker. Love it when I can use the art in the designs!

Robin #182: One more left after this! Yup, for those that don't know, Robin, Nightwing, and Birds of Prey are all coming to an end as part of the big Batman: RIP/Battle for the Cowl retool. I hope I can get on whatever incarnation this book takes next, but for now enjoy this amazing final arc as (Red) Robin faces off against the new Anarky! And if you're not blown away by Freddie's art in this, then I'm coming over there and...

Shadowpact: The Burning Age (TPB): I did the final part of the series, thus closing out this final trade paperback collection of it.

Hellblazer #251: My first Vertigo book! Man, I've been waiting for one of these for awhile, and I'm pretty proud to take over from Jared Fletcher as the new letterer of John Constantine's travails. And as if I won an award, Peter Miligan has taken over as the writer, and the art is by Giuseppe Camuncoli and Stefano Landini! The new storyline is called Scab, and it is quite the cool horror story. I'm excited! Please pick this up!

Comic Book Resources has a preview of Justice League of America #29:

And Newsarama provides a preview of Robin #182:
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