HAPPY NEW YEAR! Because YOU asked for it (you really didn't) I present to you my 2008 Year in Review! This is going to be very Sal-centric, so bear with me, or skip it!


-One year ago, grew up into SalCiprianoDotCom. The reason was to write more in a magazine like format, which didn't really completely come to fruition yet, but I'm working on it! I started blogging about the titles I'm lettering, which has evolved over the year. I also began doing movie reviews.
-Me and Marilyn saw Seth MacFarlane and Alex Borstein live, but while we did my car was towed!
-I interviewed The Brooklynites authors for Brooklyn Original.
-Cloverfield came out, and made me feel super weird.

-The Giants won the Super Bowl! What a great game against the previously undefeated New England Patriots. The game featured one of the greatest plays in football history: the Eli Manning escape and pass to David Tyree, who caught the ball with his helmet!
-I started writing Bes-ball Talk, although I didn't know it would become a column till later on.
-Marilyn was interviewed by the ultra hip
-We went to the Norman Rockwell Museum for Marilyn's birthday, a small, but nice place.

-The first issue of my Atom run came out with my revamped lettering design.
-I had Korean BBQ for the first time! Pretty good!
-We went to a Maple Festival where I had some fine pancakes and sausage!
-Ric Flair retired after losing to Shawn Michaels in one of the best wrestling matches I've ever seen at Wrestlemania 24. Thank you again, Flair!
-I reached the not-so-big-a-deal 200 posts here.

-I watched the Yankees beat the Rays in an early season game. Who knew that the Rays would dominate the rest of the year?!
-Mayor Bloomberg's Congestion Pricing was denied, and I rejoiced!
-Another great New York Comic Con came and went.
-My friend Brad had work in an Art Students League show.
-I bought a new bike.

-Me and my cousin saw the Yanks beat Seattle, but we watched most of the game from the cocktail lounge across the street from Yankee Stadium.
-I began playing for the DC Bullets softball team.
-One of the best comic book movies ever came out, Iron Man!
-The first issue of Huntress Year One came out. It was the first book I got to start from the beginning at DC.
-Marco DiLeonardo had his second art show.
-The new Indiana Jones severely disappointed me.

-I hung out at the newly formed BQE Press' table at the Mocca Art Festival. They will be publishing The Adventures of Bio Boy as a trade in the future.
-I had a fun birthday party at McGee's Pub. Also, Marilyn took me to Mesa Grill, and we went to Mohegan Sun
-After a way too hot Renegade Art Festival we went upstate for Eric Wilkerson's art show.
-We went to see the Staten Island Yankees play the Brooklyn Cyclones in SI.
-I went to the Borgata for the first time, and me and my cousins saw Bob Saget and his filthy mouth live!
-I discovered Italian Spiderman and life was never the same again!

-We went to an art auction featuring the works of the late, great Ed Resto. I was fortunate to win a piece.
-Leif Skoggins was born!
-The first issue of Two Face Year One came out. Pretty cool that my first two minis were Year Ones, this one was written by my pal Mark Sable.
-DC took us to see The Dark Knight at the IMAX! That was one incredible experience, and one hell of a movie.
-Yanks acquired Xavier Nady, Damaso Marte, and Ivan Rodriquez for a final push for the playoffs.

-We went to Cape Cod for a few days. This was a very relaxing and much needed trip.
-That said Yankee push faltered after Joba Chamberlain hit the DL.
-The DC Bullets ended a pretty bad season with a loss. I wasn't thrilled with my overall play, but my batting had gotten better in the latter half of the season.
-We saw Bobby Flay on a taping of YES' Center Stage. Afterwards we hit Flay's Bar Americain.

-Leif Skoggins was in the mammoth Totoro Forest Project book!
-We got a Nintendo Wii. I hadn't had a system in close to 10 years!
-I started playing softball in a very fun pickup league where the batting continued to get better. Fielding, though, is another story altogether.
-The Yanks were out of the playoffs for the first time in 13 years, but they still closed Yankee Stadium in style. I went to one of the final emotional three games there and loved every second of it. I also got to go on a Stadium tour which was excellent.
-We went to Washington DC to see the monuments and catch a Nationals/Mets game.
-El Diablo, the mini series, to date, that I'm most proud to have lettered came out. I just went buck wild with the design.
-We went to a Big Draw event that was quite fun.

-The Phillies won the World Series, and Bes-Ball Talk returned to the blog in a big way.
-Kensuke Okabayashi did a book signing at Kinokuniya.
-I lost at Beer Pong at the company Halloween Hangout. Now that's news!
-We also went to Archaia Studio Press' awesome Halloween Party!

-Me and Marilyn got engaged in Iceland!
-Also, Marilyn had ornaments in Art Star's holiday show, and was featured in Danny Gregory's An Illustrated Life.
-I had jury duty.
-We went to the comedy show Moonwork.
-I had multiple Thanksgiving dinners.
-Oh, and some guy named Obama was elected the President of the US.

-The McSorley's Bash 9 was a huge success!
-The Yanks signed CC Sabthia, A.J. Burnett, and Mark Teixeira!
-Despite the bad economy Christmas was surprisingly pretty fun this year.
-Our New Year's Eve party rocked!

And that was pretty much 2008 for me.

My 2009 Resolutions are as follows: more writing, getting fit, getting to work earlier so I can work longer, becoming a better softball player, and generally getting more organized.

I hope your 2008's went well, and you have an excellent 2009!