Well, I started some physical changes here recently with an updated Hello and Bio, as well as adding a subscription button, and now I've made some more changes.

-For now, I've made it so you can only read my latest post on the main page. I've done this to speed things up on the main page. It might turn out to be abit annoying though for those that like the instant gratification of a blog. Time will tell. I'm thinking about doing a post roundup if I write a certain amount a week, that might help. One thing at a time though. Anyways, you can find all of my posts in neat sections under the Table of Contents section, which is cleaned up, updated, and finally features every last post since the beginning of this blog!

-Gone from the side column is the Bibliographies; it was just a bit too clunky to keep in this new format. You can now find them on their own page in the Table of Contents. I still need to update them since my late summer/fall break.

-I added some peeps to the links list, now called Comrades in Arms. Some old and new friends have made the list to spice it up.

That's it for now. As always criticisms, comments, or emails are welcome! Thanks!

*And for those that missed it, I wrote a News and Notes: Year In Review 2008 yesterday! Check it out here!