Superman/Supergirl Maelstrom #3: I think this may be the only issue of this sci-fi mini series that I'm lettering, but it's quite fun. The creative team of Justin Gray, Jimmy Palmiotti and Phil Noto is damn good. I dig Noto's stuff and I think writing team of Gray and Palmiotti is under rated. These guys always entertain me, and what more do you want?

Terra #3: And speaking of that writing team, I also lettered the third issue of Terra. Huh, how odd! This one, to me, is even better because it's drawn by Amanda Conner, who's art I absolutely love! This one is more on the fantasy side of things, and I gotta hand it to G/P for mixing genres into the super hero realm with these two books. Good stuff!

El Diablo #4: Last, but most definitely not least is the book I've been singing major praises for, El Diablo. This issue is the craziest yet! And I think controversial! Some good back story is explained, the great action continues, and some special guests at the end will make the next issue awesome. Also, this issue welcomes new editor Brian Cunningham into the fold and he did an excellent job of managing this issue. Very cool dude too!

Here's the title page from the book. I dug how I worked out the chapter and credits here. Plus, I think this is the first look at the caption boxes I created for the book.

Courtesy of DC Comics.