For those of you who've checked in all month, and said what the heck, Sal, you were kind of on a roll after your last break even with the Iceland trip, and then bang, nothing again for almost a whole month?! Yep, well it happened, though happily not because I was in a funk or anything. It's just that holidays tend to do that to me, lots of things to take my attention away and stuff. I missed a crazy Winter Meetings period in baseball, and all kinds of other interesting occurrences to write about. Alas, what can one do, but catch up, move on, and try to do better.

Which is what I started tonight by editing my Hello Readers and Bio sections. See, all month, while dealing with holidays and stuff, I've thought about how can I make the blog run better, or, more accurately, make me run better? I've started to establish columns, and that's cool since I really want to make SalCiprianoDotCom more of a magazine, but I need to have more of a schedule to really make it work. So that'll be something to cement in the coming weeks, which will get me working towards goals, and hopefully getting you guys coming back more often.

Should be a win-win long as I can actually do it! I better do it, I just reupped this website for two years! ;)