Legion of Superheroes In the 31st Century #20: Last issue! And I'm glad I got to be the guy that put this to bed. This was one of the first books I worked on here at DC, and it helped me land Robin. I've done the bulk of these in the past year, too. Anyways, this is a good issue featuring Metallo as the main baddie. Nice ending too.

Green Arrow/Black Canary #14:
Speaking of last issues, this is Judd Winick's last issue on the book. He wraps up Connor Hawk's return here in action packed fashion. Mike Norton continues to kick butt on the art side, and he will be continuing on this book. Big plus!

Manhunter #36:
Not the last issue, but it's coming. It's unfortunate too, this book is excellent. Andreyko and Gaydos have poured their heart and soul into this book, and it shows. It's a lot of work to letter, but it has been very satisfying to be part of this team.

Booster Gold #14: Part two of the Starro storyline. Rick Remender did a good job carrying his Atom style of sci-fi action here, so if you liked that, this book is for you! Dan Jurgens returns next issue to write and draw and I'll be along for the ride!

Here's a page from Legion. I chose this one because the Metallo logo here was actually part of my title design. What happened was that the penciller had originally drawn in a title design, that disappeared during the inking process. So I went ahead and did a new one, however editor Harvey Richards, while digging mine, wanted to use that original. He recreated it from the pencils and I jazzed it up for page 1. Harvey, though, wanted to use mine in some way too, and he suggested putting it here. I thought it was a great idea.

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Courtesy of DC Comics.