-For those that don't know, we went to Iceland last week. It was pretty awesome. I'll do a write up with pics on that soon. The big news that"s spun out of the trip is that me and Marilyn are now engaged!

-There's a new book out on the market that you must get. It's called An Illustrated Life, and it takes a look inside the artist's sketchbook. Some of the featured artists include R.Crumb, James Kolchalka, Chris Ware, and James Jean, but forget about them because Marilyn is also featured! I am very proud that she has been included in this beautiful, exquisitely designed book. I tip my hat to Danny Gregory for putting together such a treasure. Congrats to both Marilyn and Danny, as well as all the great artists who contributed. Check out the amazing trailer here.

-Marilyn also has 10 ornaments up for grabs at Art Star's X-Mas show in Philly. We will be there for the celebration. Here's the info from Marilyn's blog.

-And speaking of amazing trailers, have you seen the new Star Trek one!? I pooped my pants it was so awesome! Also, the latest Watchmen one is very poop worthy, maybe even more so. The Wrestler trailer, while good, makes the need to get Turnbuckle out very urgent. That one hits close to home in an uncomfortable way.

-On the plane to Iceland I watched My Name is Earl for the first time. I think I saw about 5 episodes worth, and I gotta say that I really loved it! The concept is great, and the cast just clicks fantastically. I've always loved Jason Lee, and kinda always see myself in his characters. Some people have even said I bear a bit of a resemblance, which I don't see, but hey there are worse dudes to be compared to, I guess.

-Saturday night me, Marilyn, Head Monkey Pat, and his girlfriend Skater Jenny, went to see a charity comedy show called Moonwork. Apparently it's been going on for 12 years, unbeknownst to me of course. Well, it was pretty awesome, for 20 bucks you get roughly an hour and a half worth of stand up and all the beer you can drink! All New Yorkers should be all over this, as I will now be. One of the featured comics was Kristen Schaal from Flight of the Conchords! She was pretty awesome in her own awkward way. The headliner was very good, although I can't seem to recall his name, but my favorite guy was the opener, Kumail Nanjiani, who had me in stitches.

-On Friday afternoon, DC treated us to a grand Thanksgiving feast. Man, was it good! Turkey, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, salads, veggies, desserts, the works! And we're talking pretty good quality stuff here made by Time Warner's chefs. Pretty awesome, and I thank my bosses for it.

-A few years ago, I watched a great BBC show on a flight to London called Spaced. For those that don't know, this was Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg's TV show before hitting the big screen with Shaun of the Dead. Well, I finally got to watch it again on DVD and it's still holds up. The show hits close to home, as the main character is a struggling comic book artist sharing a flat with a female writer. If you loved Shaun and Hot Fuzz then I recommend you pick up this new DVD.

-I had jury duty Monday, and while initially unhappy to go, (who's happy really?) it turned out to be an alright experience. First off, I didn't get called at all, so that was good. I then spent the day surfing the Internet and reading Bourdain's Bone in the Throat. I also had lunch with my sister who works right by there. We went to this place called Salty Pickle and had sandwiches. Apparently this is a chain from Colorado that's made it's way East. This downtown Brooklyn location is their first in NYC, and I have to say it's excellent. Anyways, I don't have to serve again for 8 years, so hurrah to that.

-I still didn't write that restaurant review for Char no. 4, but I still really want to, so I'll try to make that happen soon.

-I hope everyone enjoyed my little Bes-ball output in the last few weeks. I'll have more to say after the Winter Meetings, unless something major happens. Having some regular features is very important for my own state of mind, I just hope I'm putting out some entertaining reads along the way.

-New Vapor pages are rolling in, and Jok is kicking ass once again! I can't wait to finally get the collection out as it'll be more along my original visions for the book, than what might've come out had the mini series lasted longer. I'll get some of his pages up very soon.

-Next Friday is the McSorley's Bash, and I'm frigging stoked! Year 9, can you believe it?! I met Marilyn there in 2003, so I feel an extra special affinity for it now. Anyways I hope you all can join us on the 5th.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! That's the news and I am outta here!