Since I was out last week, and this past week was shortened by the holiday, here's a combined clump of books I lettered that were released in the last two weeks. No pages this time, guys, sorry.

Batman: Gotham Underground (TPB): The collection of the miniseries by Frank Tieri and Jim Calafiore was released a couple of weeks ago. This was a pretty decent mini series with big hard hitting battles with all kinds of Gotham City baddies. Most of the Bat Family appears here too. I did issues 6-8 of the nine issue mini.

Robin #180: Great issue featuring the big battle between Robin and Red Robin, plus the big reveal of who this RR really is. Unfortunately I missed doing #181 because of the Iceland trip. Hopefully I'll pick up with #182 again.

Robin: Violent Tendencies (TPB): This collects the Violet storyline and the return of Spoiler, including the awesome Robin/Spoiler Special. I lettered everything except two issues, the first and #174.

Blue Beetle #33: Awesome art in this one by Rafael Albuquerque. The first page had a challenging perspective issue for me with a highway sign, but I think I nailed it fairly well.

Reign In Hell #5: Another back up for me.

The War That Time Forgot #7: The plot thickens here, and giant spiders attack! This one hell of a cool book for lovers of old sci fi horror movies.