Politics may not be my usual forte, but there's been an issue that's been bothering me leading up to this Election Day. Tonight, on the eve the biggest election of our generation, I want to talk about how glad I am that it's all going to be over after tomorrow. This may not be a popular column, but it's how I honestly feel.

First off though, to be clear, come morning I'm voting for Barack Obama. Overall he's done a great job of selling himself and his ideas, and it didn't hurt that he chose Joe Biden for his running mate, a guy I can trust to take over if, God forbid, need be. That said, Obama supporters have made me ill. OK, I get it, you're voting for the guy, but stop cramming it down my throat already! All the flags, and hats, and shirts, and links to propaganda (that I'm not going to read), and the obonoxiously large buttons (I really can't stand the buttons!) have been overwhelming me. Now, there's nothing wrong with supporting, but it feels like more of a trend than people being political for the right reasons. Either that, or alot of them are just voting for him solely because he's a Democrat, which may be equally as bad.

Let me side wind here for second to discuss my own political views. I don't have an affiliation to the Democrats or Republicans either way. When I registered to vote, I was 18 and too young to understand any of these things, or more bluntly, didn't care. As I've grown up into the person I am today, (still alot of growing to do, btw) I've become a "trust the person for who they are" type of guy, and not who their affiliation is. In my life, I've voted Republican, I've voted Democrat, but always on the basis that I get the person running, and believe in their individual ideals.

Now that said, I can't stand this changing parties for sake of change parties stance that so many people have been taking. Yes, Bush was terrible overall, although I can think of few things I liked about him, but supporting Obama just on that is very narrow minded to me. John McCain is a guy I've liked for a long time, as far as politicians go. He's done some good things in his life, on top of being a war hero, which I feel people forget about, and, most definitely, he is not George Bush. Before the conventions, debates, and choices of running mates, I honestly didn't have a clue who I was voting for. At times, I heavily leaned on the McCain side, because the guy spoke in a way that made sense to me. No doubt, Obama was completely impressive, but I've long felt McCain would make a good president, better than Bush at least!

However, when the real race began after the conventions, Obama blew McCain out of the water at every turn. First off, the running mate choices clearly went to the Dems. Biden has always been a decent choice for a presidential candidate himself, so having him on the ticket made sense. Mrs. Palin, though, just made things very odd on the Republican side. At first, she came out charismatic and interesting, but soon, the obvious realization that she wasn't ready for this came through, and that has hurt McCain. Palin's politics also seem to veer into areas that make me uncomfortable, making this Republican ticket something really not for me. To further the cause, in the head to head debates with Obama, McCain came off as petty and condescending, and that really sealed the deal for me. And so, as individuals, McCain and Palin lost out to Obama and Biden. And that's why I'm voting the way I am. Not because of a preconceived notion that the Democrats were going to be better, but because they are better for who they are. I really do feel that the Dems have a good shot here because they've done everything right, and came across as more than capable of making the decisions and changes we deserve.

So to those that have been rooting for Obama in a big way, good for you, but I hope you've done it for reasons other than because he's a Democrat, and he has to be better because he's not in the same party as Bush or, God forbid, because it's cool. It's scary to think that some folks haven't looked at it from a fair judging point. I hope I'm wrong.

In the end though, I'm with Obama. He's the right choice for me. And all the votes he can get, no matter why it came in, is needed. I just hope that after tomorrow all of the hoopla will calm down, and whomever wins can just get to business. Even if it's the Republicans.

Tomorrow should be one hell of an interesting day.