Here's a complete list of the books that I've lettered that were released during my blog break, with some short notes:

Reign In Hell #2-3 (backups): I followed Mr. Wands' style guide, but have slowly made these backups my own.

The War That Time Forgot #5: I've seemingly have taken over for Jared Fletcher on this book, as I'm currently lettering my 3rd issue.

Teen Titans #62: This book thankfully kills a painful childhood memory. Thank you Sean McKeever!

Batgirl #2: This book feels like our new Gotham Underground.

Two Face Year One #2: I'm very proud of this book. Getting to letter my pal Mark Sable's story was a real honor. Loved the prestige format handling of it.

Batman Confidential #20-21: This will make an interesting trade. Glad I got to do the entire storyline.

Robin #178-179: Freddie Williams is blowing me away with every issue. I love this storyline too. I'm glad I've continued to help define Robin's world.

Batman and The Outsiders #10-11: Frank Tieri was a good choice to replace Chuck Dixon.

Booster Gold #12-13: 12 was a fill in for me, but 13 and 14 (out next month) is an Atom reunion with Rick Remender and Pat Olliffe! This short story is a great companion piece to Rick's Atom storyline. Highly Recommended!

Manhunter #33, 35: Schedules suck sometime, especially when they break a run. I have done every Manhunter since her return except for 34. Dem's the breaks.

El Diablo #1-2: Please go get this book if you can! It's an awesome story and idea by Jai Nitz, with superb art by Phil Hester, solid inks and colors by Ande Parks and Guy Major, respectively, and my best lettering to date!

Family Dynamic #1-2: This book got shortened to 3 issues, but what a ride they are, please collect them all, and let DC know you want more!

World of Warcraft #11: I think I did that one...

Batman Strikes! #49: Robin solo story, how fitting!

Batman: The Black Glove (hardcover): I lettered one of these issues, woot!

Cartoon Network Action Pack #29: Hadn't done one of these since I first started.

Green Arrow/Black Canary #13: I've done a few issues of this book now, and I gotta say I dig it. Maybe I can stay on, who knows.

Legion Of Superheroes in the 31st Century #19: After skipping a few of these, I got back on for the final two. Last one hits next month. This one has a cartoonied Booster Gold!

Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen: Here's another that I'm super proud to have been a part of. Editor Matt Idelson and I clicked on all cylinders as we got this bad boy done. Excellent story by James Robinson, whose work I've always dug.

I believe that's all folks!