I may be the cheesiest mutha ever, but that song has always been my official theme song. Whenever the chips are down, and I need that mega awesome comeback, I crank up Eye Of The Tiger by Survivor and battle through. Or at least I try to. See, trying is what I've always been about, and I can be one persistent son of a bitch. Maybe it's the pop culture I was raised on with a steady diet of Godzilla movies and WWF wrestling. Or maybe it's just simply because my parents scratched and clawed for everything they've ever had, and their dedication to raise their kids and have a decent life really made a huge impression on me.

This is what happens whenever I'm doing something and I take a break, like I have on this blog recently. I become reflective. I ask myself is what I do worth it? Is it enough for my own happiness? Well, as for that latter, it's never enough. No matter how small the steps, I always want to move forward. Has it all been worth it? Damn right. Have I struggled? Absolutely. Maybe I haven't made it as far as some of my colleagues just yet, but my path has taken me in different directions, and I'm cool with that. I'm in the industry I love, I have a girlfriend whom I adore, a supportive family, and some damn good friends. That's more than cool. That's happiness. And it goes beyond instant success.

Why say all this? Because every time I stop writing, take a break from the blog, or just get into some serious funk, I need the Eye of the Tiger to get it back on. I need to remind myself that what I've done in my life is good. That I'm good, but more importantly that I have to continue to improve myself.

What this break has also done, besides thinking about all this, is that I've looked at what I've been doing over here, and while there's some things I've dug about SalCiprianoDotCom, there's way more that I could be doing. There's more of me that needs to be expressed. This blog needs to evolve a little. I think I can do that. I think I need to evolve a little. For those of you that have been checking back in on me, I thank you. I hope you enjoy this evolution. It's the thrill of the fight.