NIGHTWING #147: A crazy impactful new storyline starts here as Nightwing helps a witness at the behest of Two Face! Sadly, the next part of this storyline was given away due to scheduling, so I didn't see where this goes in advance, but this first part is really good.

MANHUNTER #33: This is one hell of a return storyline, and I can't stop saying how much I dig Michael Gaydos' art on this book. He's made for stories like this, and I'm glad I've been on this book.

ROBIN #176: Fabian Nicenza continues his Batman RIP tie in storyline here, and it just gets better. Nicenza has been named the new writer and coming back to draw the book is my old Speakeasy compadre Freddie Williams! All the news here:

STORMING PARADISE #2: While Chuck Dixon has left DC, he continues this excellent War book at Wildstorm. I really dug stepping in for Pat Brosseau on this issue as he was in full Trinity mode when this one was due.