This is a big week for me, folks. The release of my first two DC trade paperbacks, another Year One book begins, and my return to Robin!

TWO FACE YEAR ONE #1: This is awesome, not only is this book a whopping 48 pages, not only does it coincide with the release of The Dark Knight movie, but it's written by my buddy Mark Sable! I had a really great time lettering Mark's hard boiled tale of how Harvey Dent becomes Two Face. Also, Jesus Saiz provides some stunning art here, and Mark Chiarello's cover is to die for! Please grab this book!

ROBIN #175: After missing out on the last issue, I'm back on the Robin boat, this time with writer Fabian Nicenza (Batman Confidential) at the helm! Good working with Fabian again on another Bat related book. This is a Batman: RIP tie in, BTW, and guest stars my pal Nightwing. Yeah, we're buddies now.

COUNTDOWN TO ADVENTURE TPB: OK, check it out, my first of two trades out this week! This is a first for me, and let me tell it's super hella cool seeing my name in a DC collection. CTA was a total scifi book starring some of DC's more scifi characters. It was written by Adam Beechen and was pretty darn good. I had lettered the final part of the lead story; I also lettered two parts of the Forerunner backup story in the miniseries, but it was not included here.

AUTHORITY PRIME TPB: The second trade is the Authority Prime collection from Wildstorm. I had lettered part 5 of the miniseries written by Christos Gage and illustrated by Darick Robertson. For old school Authority/Stormwatch fans this one is pretty good as Henry Bendix causes some havoc for both teams from beyond the grave!

Courtesy of DC Comics.