BATMAN CONFIDENTIAL #19: The Batgirl/Catwoman storyline continues, and finally Batman is back in his own book. Kevin Maguire's art in this book has been spectacular, and if you're a fan of hot girl comics you'll love it even more because Kevin draws some of the hottest! Fabian Nicieza's story has been pretty damn good too. I remember meeting Fabian when I was a teenager, and being very cool. He was writing Alpha Flight then and I absolutely loved the book. Cool to be working with him on this.

HUNTRESS YEAR ONE #5: Batman shows up here too in the penultimate chapter of this mini series. I'm happy to say that I've finished the sixth and final issue this past week, and that makes my first full miniseries completed. I'm very proud of this book as everyone kicked major booty on it, and I got to create my own style guide for it. I also became a defacto Sicilian guide for the series, which was pretty cool.

GREEN ARROW/BLACK CANARY #10: The second part of the League of Their Own storyline which has GA/BC and crew facing off against The League of Assassins is just as action packed as the first part. Man, Mike Norton is great for this book, I love it. Unfortunately I didn't get to do issue 11, Swands takes the reigns on that one.

Courtesy of DC Comics.