THE ALL NEW ATOM #25: The last issue. I'm sad. This book was really going places. Rick Remender wrote one hella sweet sci-fi story to end the book and the art was top notch throughout by Pat Olliffe and crew. I also feel this book brought out my best lettering to date overall, and I can't wait till they trade it up. I think alot of people are going really be wowed when they read that, it was that good a story. I hope I get to work with these guys again soon too. For now Viva La Atom!

NIGHTWING #146: Speaking of endings...the end of the Nightfall storyline finishes off with a slam bang thriller. This has been one hell of a story too with great art by Rags Morales and Don Kramer, who has really stepped up here. His next issue, #147, is his best yet actually. It's cool to end this storyline as it's one of the first I started on, and while I didn't letter the first issue I actually had redesigned the title for it.

MANHUNTER #32: MH's return is in full swing with Blue Beetle guest starring. Michael Gaydos' art in this book is tremendous, and I really dig where Marc Andreyko's going with this storyline. i think it's more hard hitting than ever before.

INFINITY INC. #11: Here's a book I haven't done before, written by the incomparable Peter Milligan. I liked my title/credits for this storyline, and got a few complements from editorial. Pretty cool.

Courtesy of DC Comics.