HUNTRESS YEAR ONE #4: The Huntress faces off with an assassin in Venice, then comes to Gotham! This is sort of a transition issue for the character as she leaves her native Italy for Gotham. It's a very good issue with some excellent work by both writer Ivory Madison and artist Cliff Richards.

JSA CLASSIFIED #39: Me and fellow lettering cohort Travis Lanham double teamed this two parter (he did issue 38) at the same time and knocked it out! The story centers on former boxer Wildcat as he battles a gang of fighters! I loved doing this book as I totally dig this character and it had sweet art by the underated Shawn Martinborough. Between this story and the last, with equally sweet art by Ramon Perez, Wildcat has looked hot and I'd love to see a series based on him.

Courtesy of DC Comics.