BIRDS OF PREY #119: I'm corning the market on lettering the female superhero books. Let's see...on my plate currently I have Huntress Year 1, Manhunter, the current Batgirl/Catwoman storyline running through Batman Confidential, Green Arrow/Black Canary, and now Birds of prey which brings a few of those characters together! This new storyline settles the BOPs into a new home and brings Manhunter and Black Canary to blows! I really dig my title and credits for this one so keep an eye out!

WORLDS OF WARCRAFT #8: I've been reading this book since it started and I've dug what Walt Simonson's done with this fantasy story, so it's pretty neat to letter an issue. Plus it gave the talented Mr. Steve Wands a break so he could go on his honeymoon! Woo!

Courtesy of DC Comics.