New format for my lettering releases! New simple title, more individual love within. Let's get to it.

THE ALL NEW ATOM #24: The penultimate issue of the series unravels the story of Lady Chronos and the fate of the Atom! Man, I'm gonna miss lettering Ryan Choi's adventures. Remender has written one hell of a finale for this book, so if you're not reading this book, shame on you! I suggest when the trade comes out of Inside Out you snag a copy! In the meantime treat yourselves to the last couple of issues, it's f'n awesome!

MANHUNTER #31: This is an interesting book to be on as it's come back from hiatus a few times now, and I can see why. Marc Andreyko's a great writer and now with the addition of Michael Gaydos and Jose Villarubia on art it's really ready to kick ass. This is the perfect team for the story of the single mom super vigilante. Good stuff, and very happy to be a part of the relaunch.

NIGHTWING #145: Man the Freefall storyline has been hard hitting, and it does not relent in this issue. Nightwing is a great character and completely underrated. I'm loving this book not just as the letterer, but as a fan.

ROBIN/SPOILER SPECIAL: The Spoiler is back from the dead, how'd she do it?! Well, this 38 pager tells you why! More good Chuck Dixon writing and awesome art by Rafael Alburquerque really make this book sing.

JUSTICE LEAGUE UNLIMITED #46:The last issue of the series and the second week in a row that I get to close out a series. Weird, huh? Anyways, this issue plays out more like the Green Lantern Corp than JLU and feels more like the regular book than the cartoon version. It has great art by Carlo Barberi and features a favorite character from my younger years G'Nort!

All in all good solid week for me with two books I love, one off shoot of a regular title, and being part of the return of a critical darling. Hope you can get out to the stores and pick any or all of these up. let me know whatcha think.

Courtesy of DC Comics.