This is a News and Notes I've been drafting over the last few weeks, so this a warning: it may feel sorta disjointed.

-So it was my birthday last week, and my friends and coworkers and family got my nice and inebriated. I thank them all! But, man, I'm now 33 which is like a crazy kick in the ass. Hopefully a good one, we'll see as the year moves forward.

-As part of the birthday weekend we hit a few cool places like Mesa Grill and Mohegan Sun. I also went to Borgota in Atlantic City before that, and I want to do a compare and contrast post, which will be different for me. Look for that sooner than later.

-To end off the weekend, we hit some batting cages because God knows I needed it. We hit on the slow pitch softball which was like waaaaay faster than my league pitches. After whiffing a few I finally started catching up with the ball, and I think that's going to help me overall.

-I debated talking about this in a movie post, but it's not a movie, not really a doc either, just hours and hours of director Kevin Smith doing Q&A's with college crowds. It's An Evening with Kevin Smith. If you're a fan, which I am, than I suggest you give it a look, because there's a lot of fun stories here. After awhile of watching it I realized I had watched a few of these segments elsewhere, but for the life of me I can't recall where. I watched it on Netflix instant viewer, which is awesome, but I don't get around to using nearly as much as I'd like.

-We hit this year's Renegade Art Fair as fans and not vendors and boy were we glad! It was super hot to start and unfortunately they had some pretty bad storms blowing through. Naturally I managed to pick up some t-shirts before took off. Got a cool t-shirt from my craft fair pal Viva Ortegacy! and a very cool Brooklyn neighborhood shirt.

-Things haven't gone so well for the DC Bullets losing 2 close games to The Onion and a blow out to the High Times. We did kill Archie Comics somewhere in the middle , but I was on the other team! Archie was short and me and fellow teammate Gary Collins volunteered for them. At least I managed a hit that set up Archie's only run. I played much better in the High Times game turning a double play from the catcher's position and getting real good "wood" on a shot that was caught. We played Gawker on my B-Day and won big time though, with yours truly hitting a birthday triple! Man was I winded though, sheesh! Our latest game was against Scholastic and while we lost 6-3 I managed to go 3 for 3 with a double and RBI. So maybe the batting cages helped abit. Here's the latest write ups: vs. Paris Review, vs. The Onion.

-Brooklyn Original, the blog, is running again albeit slowly. We put up Tommy Lombadozzi's 2nd column so go give a check. There is something major coming In BO's future, so for those that thought it dead, you will be very surprised about it's future.

-While in AC, we caught Bob Saget: Live! It was a pretty cool show with comedian James Smith opening up for the former Danny Tanner. Smith had me in stitches and almost threw off my appreciation for Saget's brand of humor. Saget if you haven't seen his stand up is crazy lewd and vulgar, like the Mr. Hyde to Danny Tanner. It's pretty amazing. He really interacts well with the crowd too. All in all a fun show.

-The Mocca Art Festival went pretty well earlier this month, and not just because of the cool Bio Boy news. I picked up some cool books including Matt Loux's Salt Water Taffy, which was completely excellent, and the astounding mini anthology Five by Becky Cloonan, Vasilis Lolos, Gabriel Ba, Fabio Moon, and the insane Rafeal Grampa. But the best book of the con, hands down, goes to Girls Don't Poop by Mario Van Buren. A tiny mini comic on that exact subject matter. It's perfecto!

-Last, but not least I give you Italian Spiderman. Don't say I don't love you.

That's the news and I am outta here! (I'm sure I forgot stuff this time though oh well!)