After a couple of weeks off, let's play catch up:

-No comics from me last week again, but it happens. I know Robin came out, but I wasn't available to letter that one as I was covering an issue of Worlds of Warcraft (#8!). The Eisner nominated Jared K. Fletcher lettered the issue instead. Not a bad replacement, huh? However I did get to letter the Robin/Spoiler special which comes out in a couple of weeks and that is really good!

-I finished reading the debut novel by Brian Francis Slattery, Spaceman Blues. At first it felt rather pretentious and poetic in it's telling, but as I got further into the narrative Slattery's style really unfolded in my mind and I got really into it. The backdrop of an impending alien invasion on NYC and the residents reaction to it sets the stage for one man to go on a quest to find his missing lover that may be the key to all that is happening. This is a story of personal growth spurted by disaster and Slattery does a great job of painting an interesting picture of the whole thing. It's dizzying at times, but overall a pretty damn good story. I'd recommend it.

-Right now I'm reading Kevin Smith's diary, My Boring Ass Life, which so far is fantastic! Of course if you're offended by going to the can, and having sex detailed quite regularly you may not feel the same. Already I totally recommend it to any of the writer/director's fans.

-Between those I read the second Welcome to Tranquility trade paperback by Gail Simone and Neil Googe. I really dug it, not as good as the first storyline, but good none the less. Googe's art is great here, and he's complimented with some guest artists telling back stories. If you're unfamiliar with the now defunct series, it's a Wildstorm book about a town where a bunch of old superheroes went to retire, but lately chaos has hit the town and the townsfolk have had to deal with it. Once a hero always one I guess. Good stuff!

-I wanna extend an Internet congrats to Marilyn for her mega Timmie sale and 15 minute sell out! Timmie is her flagship creation and his popularity is growing all the time, hence the quick sellout.

-I'm a little saddened that Subway has changed their 5 dollar deal. All their 12 inch subs had been 5 dollars for a couple of months there and now they've narrowed it down to 8 subs. Of course the sub I really got to love during that time, Turkey, isn't on there. I'm not happy.

-Brooklyn Original is still on hiatus, but I have ideas on the return and a revamp. Hopefully I can get it back together with a big relaunch soonish.

-Con news: I'll be hanging around Wizard World Philly this weekend catching up and stuff with peeps. And after that, I have a table with Chris Brimacombe at the Mocca Art Festival. I may have some copies of The Hill with me, but also there will be a book that Chris wrote and drew and I lettered (prior to my DC work) called Curse of the Wendigo, which is being published by the new company that will also be publishing my backlog of work including Bio Boy and Turnbuckle. Again, more news soon!

-My pal Marco DiLeonardo is having another art show Saturday night which I will coming back from Philly for. His work is amazing, so please come down and see it for yourself and buy one if you can! Here's the info: Saturday May 31st, 9PM, Glascott Funeral Home 102-03 Metropolitan Avenue, Forest Hills, NY 11375 US

-Well, my softball team, The DC Bullets, have had a rocky start, but we had an exciting win this week against The Paris Review so maybe things will start turning around. Unfortunately I'm 0-6 for the season, but getting more of the rust off (hadn't played in 10 years!) and feeling more comfortable out there on the field. There are write ups on our first two losses to WNYC and Trader Monthly at the DC Comics website.

-To help my progress in the softball feel I've gotten some Dr. Scholl's soles for foot and lower back relief. These are always problem ares for me so it should help. Already just walking around feels a whole lot better!

-Me and Marilyn went to the Murakami show yesterday at the Brooklyn Museum of Art and to the Superhero fashion show at the Met on Saturday. I absolutely was in love with the Murakami show. The man is a complete lunatic with illustration and design and combines the two perfectly. His anime inspired illustrations and sculptures are something amazing to behold. His animated shorts were like kids toons on crack! Speaking of kids, this show IS NOT FOR KIDS! Parents really need to do their research when taking kids to shows like this. It was quite "Adult". But you have to see it if you're not a kid, so damn awesome! The superhero fashion thing was a joke though. I hated it. It was bunch of "fashion" designers doing riffs on classic costumes. It was a mockery to the people that designed all of the original super hero costumes. The only cool thing was it had some of the originals from the movies present, like Christopher Reeve's Superman costume and the Iron Man armor.

-We also hit a Tim Biskup gallery show at the Jonathon Levine Gallery. Pretty good work. I own some of his T-Shirts so I had to go!

-Last weekend we hit Pacificana for some excellent Dim Sum. We tried so many tasty dishes while trying not to eat any fishy stuff (me and Marilyn are not fans) and did pretty well. We thank our excellent hosts for a great afternoon!

-I went to another Yankee game since I last did one of these News and Notes and all I remember was that I drank alot. Oh well.

That's the news and I am outta here!