-Look for news on The Adventures of Bio Boy soon. The hottest star in the universe is getting a second life as a refurbished trade and download! I've flirted with a couple of companies since Speakeasy went down about about finishing it up, but it never felt right. Now I can say that it does. News coming soon!

-For the first time since I've had books coming out from DC (since Jan), I had nothing out last week. That was a weird experience, but I'm sure that'll happen often. I was so used to posting on the blog about the new books that when I saw I had nada it freaked me out! Oh well, next week I have 5!

-Went to a Yankee game this past weekend against the Seattle Mariners, and as another first, I spent 4 innings in a cocktail lounge across the street rather than in my bleacher seat. Am I becoming an alcoholic???

-Speaking of alcohol, ahem, if you live in NYC, I reccommend going down to Park Slope's beer emporium Bierkraft and getting yourself a 64oz growler of fresh beer from their exclusive taps. This weekend I picked some Chelsea Cream Ale. Man, did that go great with chocolate chip walnut cookies!

-I'm glad April is over. That was one hell of a busy month. Between weddings, the NYCC, and all kinds of other things, I haven't had time to breathe. May so far has been packed too, but I feel a little less stressed. Brooklyn Original took a big hit last month too as I didn't post once. I need to retool what the project is abit though anyway. It had become just a promo tool, while I want to have more profiles and such. Hopefully I can get some good content in there as the Spring and Summer roll along.

-In the spirit of the Spring and Summer, and more importantly trying to get in shape, I picked up a new mountain bike. My Haro BMX was stolen last year, so it's good to have wheels again. This time a mountain though so my back won't ache from leaning over a small bike. It's a Giant, and I got it at Bay Ridge Bike World. The place is family owned, which is nice, and they are very knowledgeable and courteous there.

-Also along those lines, I've joined the DC softball team! We had our first game today, and although we lost, to WNYC, the team played hard and we had a good time. I played a little first base and was 0-1.

-Also, about a week ago we went bowling with friends at Leisure Time Bowling in the Port Authority. What an odd spot for a really cool alley. We did the Night Owl special. It's 29 bucks per person for 2hrs of bowling, shoes, and the party gets a tower of beer that you can get 11 pints out of. Pretty good deal for the city.

-Me, Marilyn, and our pal Ken had the best Indian food ever Friday night. The place was called Rasoi and it was in the Journal Square section of Jersey City. Everything we had was excellent and the service was impeccable. My favorite dish was the Curry Lamb! Yum!

-That same night, we stopped at a Dessert Truck in the city for some delicious Creme Brulee. I had seen this truck in Time Out NY, but didn't realize where it was. Now that I know, more treats may be in order!

-I've recently upgraded my Netflix to 2 at a time, and I'm much happier for it. I should have a new Movies... post up in the next couple of days with my latest mini reviews.

-Two of my Lettering buddies have put up new blogs. First, Travis Lanham's Immortal Android explores art, science, and other popular cultures. And Pat Brosseau, the lettering guru, has restarted his Monkey Buzz blog for all things monkey or not. Check them out!

-Marilyn has a big sale going on at her shop for the month of May. I suggest that all you cute lovers get over there and pick up some shirts, softies, or stationery ASAP!

That's the news and I am outta here!