I think this may be my biggest movie review post yet, let's get to it!

IRON MAN: Without a doubt one of the best comic book movies of all time, Iron Man flew into theaters this weekend to resounding success! And it totally deserves it. The film is well scripted and paced briskly setting the stage for the excellent cast to do it's thing. Robert Downey Jr. has got to be, hands down, the most well cast actor to ever fill a comic character's shoes, and that's saying alot! But his Tony stark is perfect, and the screenwriters gave him some spot on material to work with. He was comedic, relevant, and sincere in his portrayal of the billionaire industrialist. The action and effects were well done and engrossing. I loved every second of this movie, and YOU should too. Oh, and be sure to stay till after the credits for a glimpse of things to come!

THERE WILL BE BLOOD: One word: Overrated! Now that said, I didn't hate it, but I thought it was fairly boring and the storytelling completely got lost on me somewhere in the middle. Once I did find my footing again, the ludicrous ending just made raise my eyebrows and roll the eyeballs under them. Daniel Day Lewis, of course, is fantastic, and if anything watch it because of him.

ALIENS VS. PREDATOR: REQUIEM: Ha, after that review and this one coming, you're gonna think I'm crazy, although maybe you already do, but I loved this movie! It totally kicks the first one's ass, which isn't hard, but this movie actually has some legs to stand on. Now, this isn't rocket science, folks. This isn't thought provoking sci-fi either. There's no real relevant message. But what there is is one non stop ass kicking Aliens/Predator slaugtherfest! It also feels like both movie franchises, which is great considering the first movie felt like the video game version. The people in the movie are unique to the franchises as they are all just ordinary folks caught in the crossfire. They are kind of generic, but for this movie they're almost refreshing! The story continues directly from the last movie without nodding to that one at all, which honestly is a good thing, and everything moves along well. The action is insane, with some pretty damn gory spots! If you loved the Aliens and Predator movies, but hated the first team up, I think you'll love this movie. Go for it already, you know you wanna! If you're a snob, well sorry, this one isn't for you.

JUNO: Now here's a movie everyone I think can agree on. Juno is just one fun, smart movie about teenage pregnancy. Ellen Page is just a joy to watch, and the type of girl you wish you went out with in high school. The script really lends to her talents as the character seems so natural to her. The supporting cast is fantastic and just sing around her. There's just something to this movie that makes you feel good. Great music in this too! Everyone should check it out.

PUDDLE CRUISER: This movie, now, no one should check out. It's Broken Lizard's first film, and while you will be tempted by that, as I was, leave it be. It's terrible! Terrible! I'm not saying more. Terrible!!!

JUSTICE LEAGUE: THE NEW FRONTIER: Finally got my Netflix Play It Now feature to work and I chose this as my first flick because I loved the comic book version of this animated feature. It's an alternate telling of the early DC universe about how the Justice League gets together to fight an alienish/primordial menace. It was kind of hard to cram the whole mini series into this movie, and I'm not sure I dug everything they did get in there, but there was enough to like. In the end I was just satisfied enough.

THE 11TH HOUR: Like An Inconvenient Truth, this documentary tells us all about global warming, but goes further into the social changes to humankind that have effected the steady rise in the Earth's temperature. Unlike AIT though this one gets abit too preachy and eventually lost me. It isn't a bad watch though, and I got a few things out of it, so there's that.

WALK HARD: This movie possibly falls on my sometimes way too harsh criticism side of me, and I probably could've enjoyed this movie more than I did; if that makes any sense at all. There are some really great funny scenes that carry the movie, and it's hilarious cameos just steal the show. But on the whole, I'd say it was a middle of the road comedy, nothing amazing, but fun enough for a viewing.

CROMARTIE HIGH: THE MOVIE: The Japanese are out of their minds, God bless 'em! And this movie, based on the manga of the same name, is definitely bonkers! It has robots and apes and alien ape-men and all kinds of other crazy characters. Who cares what it's about, it's just good times!

EVERYTHING IS ILLUMINATED: Here's a nice gem of a movie that's slipped through the cracks. A sweet flick about a young compulsive man in search of the lady who saved his grandfather's life in World War 2 Russia. The acting is superb and genuine with Elijah Wood leading a cast of excellent Ukrainians, especially Eugene Hutz as his tour guide, on a journey through their countryside. The music is excellent and really drives the movie. It's got great comedic moments as well as heart wrenching ones. I totally recommend checking it out.

FAST FOOD NATION: Here's another preachy movie, although this one's a straight up narrative and not a documentary. FFN is one sided story about the cruelty of the fast food industry through every layer of it's being. This movie was boring, long, and a true roll your eye fest. It's not like I'm even against some of it's points, but the way it goes about it's business just did not ring true to me at all. If it isn't obvious I did not like this movie at all, except for Bruce Willis' cameo. Love the Bruce!

THE DANGEROUS LIVES OF ALTER BOYS: This was decent movie about Catholic students in 1974 dealing with themselves and the changes that they have to go through as they grow up. The main character draw comics, so I was instantly in love with the premise. And furthermore the comics manifest as animation by Todd MacFarlane's studio. Fun! It's a good little movie with Jodie Foster appearing as a crazy strict nun.

BEOWULF AND GRENDEL: I think I rented this because I wanted to see another action movie with 300's Gerald Butler. Unfortunately it was rather weak and boring. I guess we were supposed to feel for the Grendel, but it never got to me. Butler's Beowulf wasn't bad, but it was no King Leonidas by any stretch. Meh.