After last weeks lettering hiatus, I'm back with 5 books this week! First up, The Atom, which has been my favorite book to work on. The action gets cranked up in this one as Ryan Choi is stuck in a strange subatomic world battling all kinds of monsters! AWESOME!!! Next, another issue of Detective Comics with one of my favorite artists, Dustin Nguyen, at the helm. This one has the evil Ventriloquit going up against Bats and Zatanna! My latest Nightwing follows that with a fight in NYC's subway system; talk about one that hits home for me! Nightwing's been doing that for me lately though as his attitude fits NYC quite nicely. Next, we have my first ever Supergirl issue. Supergirl is on a quest to find the cure for cancer. Nuff said. Last, but most definitely not least, the second to last issue of Countdown to Mystery. The part I lettered, featuring Dr. Fate, was written by the late, great, Steve Gerber. The man created some great characters in his lifetime, and wrote some fantastic stories. I am truly honored to have lettered one of his final works. Thank you, Mr. Gerber.

Here's the covers to look for:

Courtesy of DC Comics.