-Me and Marilyn went upstate last weekend to Pleasant Valley, NY for a Maple Festival. We visited Remsburger Maple Farm and Apiary where we were shown how maple syrup is made. We bought some syrup and honey and ate some pancakes and savory sausage. Afterwards we stopped by Beacon, NY to meet up with our pal, Eric Wilkerson, for some coffee and art chatting, which led us to his mentor's amazing studio. This dude, Garin Baker, is a tremendous landscape artist who does these fantastic public art pieces. And Eric? He's a phenomenal scifi illustrator and painter who's work blows me away! Click their names for their websites. Also, do yourself a favor and go somewhere relaxing some time and see some nature, and art, and all that, it's good for the soul. Check out Marilyn's pics of the day as well.

-Speaking of Marilyn, she's just released a new parachuting owl T-Shirt into the wild! This one is for the ladies and kiddies only though. Us men will have to wait for her next design. Anyways go get one for yourself, your honey, or kiddies by clicking here.

-My Brooklynites interview was included in the latest issue of Postmortem Magazine. To download a free copy or to purchase an excellent printed version check out their Lulu shop now!

-I finished reading Anthony Bourdain's Kitchen Confidential. The second Bourdain book I've read in a row, and the third overall, and I have to say he's probably my favorite author right now. All three books are super accessible and just fun reads throughout. His voice is unmistakeably NY and I don't have to tell you what a softie I am for that. This is the book that got him famous, part autobiography, part expose, it helped launch the celebrity chef era while being controversial at the same time. It's a fascinating read about the struggles of man with a total loyalty and love to his craft. I haveta tell you, it impresses me to read about what these cooks go through and their dedication. Makes me appreciate the food I eat, and changes some of the notions I've had about the business. I totally recommend this book to anyone, it's a remarkable read.

-On the another food note, I want to mention a great Greek restaurant here in Brooklyn that delivers every time I go there. It's called Meze and it's on 13th Ave and 64th street. They have hands down the best Greek food I've ever tasted, couple that with great service and a relaxing atmosphere and you have the ingredients for a magical night.

-As I mentioned in my last post I watched Wrestlemania last week, and besides the incredible Flair/Michaels match it was a pretty Ok Mania. The Money in the Bank Ladder match was amazing, and quite possibly the best of it's kind. I have say that all the title matches left a little to be desired, although Taker/Edge wasn't bad, if not predictable. For what it was Mayweather/Big Show was entertaining, and JBL/Finlay had a solid opener. But, man, that Flair/Michaels match was wrestling heaven!

-Went to my first Yankee game of the year yesterday, and Wang won it for me. He pitched great and Matsui, Godzilla, smacked a dinger! Not to mention Joba hitting 101 on the gun! I have tix for 4 more games this year, the final season of Yankee Stadium. The new stadium looks great btw!

-Some great graphic novels I've read lately include Mark Sable and Robbi Rodriguez's Hazed, Dan Hipp's Gyakushu Vol. 2, and Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang's Doctor 13. Hazed is sorority misadventure in the vein of Heathers. A nice departure for my pal Sable with some very fun art by Rodriguez. Gyakushu Vol. 2 was just as awesome as the first one, a revenge story told in a great almost backwards way. The art jukes and jives it's way all the way through each insane action sequence, till it drops your jaw at the end. I just finished Doctor 13 today, and it is the best of the bunch. It's a crazy fun nonstop ride that you don't want to end with ghosts, vampires, Nazi apes, cavemen, and a space woman that has mastery over infectious diseases! What more do you need?!

-Lastly, Kansas just beat Memphis for the National College Basketball title meaning Sally loses his bracket competition. So close!!! Congrats to Kansas on the comeback, I'm gonna go sulk now...

That's the news and I am outta here!