Well the third annual New York Comic Con was this weekend. That's mostly the reason I was quiet this week. Things ahappenin' all week long, parties and prep and such. As for the con itself it was an abbreviated trip this year for me as two family functions kept me from fully attending. What can one do?

The time I did spend there Friday night and the first half of yesterday though were quite good. Had a couple of meetings that seemed to go pretty well on the creator owned front. Markosia is still fully behind getting the Vengeance of the Vapor trade out, so look for that to be happening sometime in the near future. Also finally met Thomas Mauer at the Markosia booth. Thomas is a great letterer and designer who did a fantastic job on helping me and Marilyn get The Hill together. Looking forward to working together on the Vapor trade as well.

There were more comics rumblings, but those things are better left unsaid for now...

Moving onto one of the main reasons for cons... There were a lot of reunions of sorts, mostly with peeps I haven't seen in at least a year. It was nice seeing the reaction to my job at DC. Made for several feel good moments for me, although I should've recorded the story and just played it back for everyone as my throat was sore by the time I had left! It's nice to see what everyone is up to. Like the aforementioned Andy MacDonald, who is drawing a new series for A Wave New World called American Terrorist. The preview I saw was great. Also, my old Pearl cohort Ben Granoff had a new comic called Clint and Rosebud: Those Freewheeling Tramps that was cool. He shared a table with creator/artist Greg Mayer who had released his really good looking book Dark World in time for the con. It was nice seeing these guys going for it, and I look forward to their continued work. My good friend and cohort Kensuke Okabayashi was pimping his Manga for Dummies while working on his next book, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team. Talk about multitasking! My pals Chris Dibari, Ryan Stegman, and Jeff Zornow are all part of Cadence Comic Art, and the Cadence booth was chock full of great art from them and other great talents. I congratulate the brainchild behind this group, Paolo Belfiore, on what he is doing there. I suggest going to website and checking them out!

It's always nice to help friends out as well, and I did my share of introductions, pointing in the right directions, and general tipping. I'm sending mental luck to Chris Brimacombe, Eric Wilkerson, and Lydia Roberts in hopes that multi jobs come from their con efforts!

Other fine folks I caught up with included Ivan Brandon, Rick Spears, Jamie McKelvie, Matt Loux, Becky Cloonan, and Mark Smylie. There, that should help search engines find me! ;)

Generally speaking, it is sick how many people were at the con. Yesterday was jam packed to the rafters! The show was laid out much better than the first two years in a bigger space and all together just more comfortable. I appreciated not having to leave the con floor for more con action, and for someone who isn't too interested in panels and screenings like I am this was perfect. In the little time spent walking around with my iPod I ventured through unbothered. That was very pleasurable, and plan to spend more time at cons alone like that. That said though, I also got to walk around and shoot the shit with all manner of people like my cousin Sal and his GF Lizzy Stars, as well as my DC cohorts Pat Brosseau, Jennifer Redding, and Travis Lanham not to mention Chris B .and Eric. It's interesting to me to get different readings of cons from various people, what they look for, and such. Like Sal and Liz were there more for merchandise and seeing stars like Seth Green, who seemed pretty cool, while Chris and Eric were looking for work and connections. I think Pat, Travis, and I just wanted to meet writers/artists who we've worked with on the books we've lettered and maybe pick up a cool trade or two. My goal of meeting JTorres and Rick Remender went unaccomplished, but not for lack of trying. Had I more time, I'm sure I would've found 'em. Ah well.

Not much to report from the after party circuit, though I'm sure there are many people with good stories. I was just too beat Friday and had to be in early Saturday for a meeting, and Saturday I just never came back out after one of the family functions. I'm just happy that my time at the con was very well packed and fruitful.

Anyways, another NYCC in the books, and it's cool to see it jump to the number two con in the nation in just three years. I salute thee NYCC!