30 Days of Night: I really dug the graphic novel that this movie was based on, and you know what? I equally loved this movie! It captured the book perfectly, and added alot to it. What little they changed wasn't even clicking off anything bad off for me, so that's good. It's stylistic, scary, and really makes you feel for these people. Josh Hartnett turns in a good performance in the lead, and in all I thought the cast was good. The vampires are creepy and disturbing, and made me cringe. I always thought this premise, vampires hunting townsfolk in a remote Alaskan town during a period of 30 days of night, was pretty original, and I think the filmmakers captured it well. I highly recommend it for all you horror lovers.

Sweeney Todd: This movie was pretty good on the horror aspects as well, but the music almost kills it. While well done, the music just gets tiring after awhile. There was some fun gore in this movie, surprisingly, but it was hard to take serious with all the music. Maybe that was the point? Not sure. The visuals and costume design are excellent though, that I'm certain of. I've never been a big Burton fan so maybe I'm a little skewed here. It was good though, and worth watching.

Mr. Bean's Holiday: If you love the Mr. Bean show, then you'll love this movie. It was a blast actually, and I think most people could get into it. It felt alot closer to what Mr. Bean is like on British TV, than what was represented in the first movie. It has this sort of silent movie vibe that's just charming as all hell. It is quite the well done journey, you should watch it.

Revolver: Guy Ritchie's latest movie took 2 years to get here from England, and when it did it was in limited release. Finally on DVD, I got to see it, and I can't understand what took so long. Maybe the bad taste from Swept Away, which I liked, got in the studios mouths and no one wanted his next film? I dunno, but it's crazy because this a good crime film. While a little more serious than Snatch, it brings Ritchie's stylish flavor to the forefront quick and easy. The storyline is interesting with Ritchie stalwart Jason Statham as an ex con who gets in a bad way with the local mob boss, and then has to accept the help of two shady characters who make his life a living hell. It's an interesting ride with some outlandish characters which culminates in an ending that I didn't see coming. I think it's a good one to add to the Ritchie collection, and look forward to more by the director.

Dog Soldiers: DS is the first movie by the director of The Descent, and current release Doomsday, Neil Marshall. I liked The Descent, but overall came away feeling weird from that movie. It felt too real to the point where watching was difficult. I didn't have that feeling from Dog Soldiers, and so I liked it a hell of alot more! Dog Soldiers is one of the best werewolf movies I seen actually. It's a pretty fun action horror in the league of Aliens, meaning basically soldiers stuck somewhere battling some mean nasty monsters. It had good characters, very character driven story actually, a claustrophobic setting (a must in these movies), and some damn vicious werewolves. I don't want to give away more, but it's a renter for sure. So get to it!

No Country For Old Men: This movie is f'n awesome till the last 15 minutes. I'm pissed about that, because it's seriously intense before that. Javier Bardem deserved the Oscar, sure, but I give big props as well to Josh Brolin, who I was rooting for the entire time. It's a great build up with a terrible payoff. OK, it's not that the ending is that bad per se, but it's bad in the sense that you don't get what you hoped was going to happen, and while some might like that, I loathed it! Take that little review however you want.

Southland Tales: Lastly we have a dozy of movie, Richard Kelly's (Donnie Darko) latest, Southland Tales. It's got a cast that meets my approval, The Rock, Sean William Scott, Sarah Michele Gellar, lots of SNL alums, and many others, but boy I'm not sure what to make of this movie. It has it's moments, but alot of it is long and boring, and some of it is downright absurd. It's a sci fi movie that is both serious and not at the same time, that kinda has a message, but it's muddled and confusing. It's just hard to pin down an accurate review. I think this is one that will affect people in different ways. I was in the middle category, but I'd be interested to here what others think.