And thank you for that, Albany! I've pretty much loved everything Bloomberg has done so far in his tenure as our Mayor, in NYC to all of you just joining us, but his Congestion Pricing Plan was an insanely disgusting money making idea veiled in "green conscience." I've despised this from the get go, and openly hoped that someone would put the kibosh on this lunacy.

The gist of it is that cars traveling below 62nd street in Manhattan would've gotten charged an 8 buck toll! This was supposed cut down traffic and make people use more public transportation. Almost sounds OK, but it's not. Here's the thing, this would be in effect during the workdays when the people who do drive around the city usually need to be there with their cars no matter what. Most people who don't need their cars usually take public transportation. I'm sure the percentage is very high on that, too. People driving around at this time period are mostly doing deliveries, cabs, messengers, etc. What's worse is the amount of traffic and chaos this would've caused outside the designated area. The rest of Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and parts of Jersey would become parking lots. Riots would've broken out within hours of this starting!

It was a pure money grabbing scheme that would've made things alot worse, and I'm glad our state government saw that. We don't need to pay any additional tolls in this city, the bridges and tunnels are insane already, and gas prices are sky high! It just would be a completely unfair toll.

Also, I couldn't stand that Bloomberg kept insisting that this is what New Yorkers wanted. Who is he talking to besides his cronies?! Every person who I've talked to hated it, and everyone the news stations interviewed thought it was a horrible idea as well. I'm all for cutting down on pollution, but this was not the way, and I doubt that Hizzoner considered the ramifications of the plan, if he even cared.

So after a year of following this story, I'm happy it's over, and doubly happy with the outcome. I'm sad though to say that I will be questioning Bloomberg's maneuvers from here on out. Oh well, his fault.