As you may know Zach Synder (300, Dawn of the Dead) is directing the film version of the critically acclaimed Watchmen. Yesterday he posted some very cool character pics. You can find them here. Anyhoo, last night, in a drunken stupor, I commented about how I feel about Watchmen on Ivan Brandon's message board. Reading it again now, I'm surprised it wasn't incoherent, and since this basically my feelings on all adaptations, I'm posting it here:

I'll say it right up front, I always found Watchmen to be overrated. I mean I liked it, a lot even, but it was always just this thing that my friends were obsessed with, and I was like it was alright.

Up front part 2: I've never been one to really cite source material as the basis to like a movie.

UF3: I really liked both Dawn of the Dead and 300.

So all that said, these pics, and the making of this movie in general, is something I'm totally looking forward to. Give me an awesome Zach Synder movie on multiple levels and I won't give a shit about getting anything right.

See, before the last century, stories were told and retold by authors and it was just accepted and even welcomed. That was what stories were about, the retelling, the lasting affect through time. Nowadays, because we're so obsessed with source materials as a society, no one can retell a story without a backlash of some sort.

Again, I look forward to seeing this. Rorsharch does indeed look badass!