POST 200

So here it is, number 200, but I guess it's not much of an anniversary. Maybe it's more of a reminder to post more, and just do more in general. Here's a little reminiscing on what's gone on in my life since it's begun...

I started this blog in 2006 after a failed attempt at a Cactus Fusion blog. CF was a studio/publishing venture I had with Marco DiLeonardo and Andy MacDonald for awhile where we made comics and mini comics and did cons and stuff. It was fun times. I held onto to the idea of it for awhile, taking it into my comic The Adventures of Bio Boy, which was published by Speakeasy Comics in late 2005. Both that company and CF sorta ran their courses at the same time, and I soon started this blog site to fill the void in my life.

2006 was a weird year for me as I landed The Hill at Markosia, but failed to land a new home for Bio Boy. Unfortunately, Markosia ended up pushing The Hill back to 2007, and while I had a couple of other projects signed nothing ever materialized from them. I pitched the heck out Turnbuckle and The Twins Chronicles that year too, but nada. So lots of work was done, tons of pitching, but little reward. The blog pretty much covered all of this.

2007 was a lot better. Vengeance of the Vapor was fast tracked at Markosia, but like Bio Boy it only lasted two issues before getting the yank. That hurt, but it was still good to have two excellent issues out. On the blog, I started Scriptage in 2007 which was me posting script excerpts, and wrote columns on various comic book topics. On the work front, my stint at Pearl Paint ended when the company shut down our store. Before the end though we had a fantastic art show to commemorate the whole thing called The Pearl 23. I still gush over it! I soon found myself at another art supply store as Manager with mixed results. I started Brooklyn Original as a focus and promotion community tool for Brooklyn born and raised creative folk. The Hill was finally released in November, and I am quite proud of it. I ended the year with the realization of a dream, working at DC Comics!

2008 so far has marked a change here as I turned the blogspot into a dot com focusing on all the lettering work I've been doing at DC, lots of movie reviews, and various other things. I've started tweaking and refining the rest of Vengeance of the Vapor for a graphic novel treatment that will be out sometime this year.

As for the future? More lettering and writing hopefully. I want to draw again, get back into photography, maybe start a podcast? I'm working on putting Bio Boy, Turnbuckle, The Twins, and all kinds of other projects that are completed finally into your hands. I want to continue to grow Brooklyn Original and see where it goes.

Mostly I just want to have the time to all of this and more, and I want to share it all with you here. I hope you all stick around and watch me try!