-My Brooklyn Original interview with Seth Kushner and Anthony LaSala, authors of The Brooklynites has been included in the latest issue of Postmortem Magazine. Check it out as a free download or a print version (for $7.83) here:

-Speaking of Seth, the master photographer's next project is quite cool, and I totally recommend anyone who reads my blog to check it out. It's all about NYC Graphic Novelists and you can check out the progress at his blog:

-And speaking of downloads, I joined Wowio this week. If you haven't heard of it, it's a book and comic download site in the vein of Netflix. You fill up your queue and are then able to DL 3 books a day in PDF format. It's pretty cool, and best of all free!

-You must read Kazu Kibuishi's Amulet! Easily my favorite graphic novel of the year so far! I was a huge fan of his Daisy Kutter book, and this one just soars past that one. He has become one of the best storytellers in the field, and this work got me sooo inspired. I could totally picture it as a movie, and you know what? One is being made!

-Had my first taste of Korean BBQ this week. It was interesting to say the least! Definitely a whole lot of flavors that have never been through my pallet. Some parts were awesome, like the actual beefy BBQ itself, some had me on the fence, like the various wacky rubberlike noodle dishes, and some others were too vingary for my tastes. Fun experience though!

-Marilyn has been taking some totally great photos lately of her breakfasts this week! Check her blog for them and all of her adventures:

-Speaking of blogs, Swands has been putting up all kinds of good art and reviews, and has become a regular stop over for me:

-I filled out a NCAA tournament bracket for the first time since college this week. I chose Memphis to go all the way. So far I'm doing Ok, not amazing, but holding my own.

-We went to Barcade in Williamsburg last night. They have all these old arcade games and some very interesting beers. I played Frogger, Punch-Out, and Zaxxon, and had a Black Bear.

-Speaking of beer, my current favorite is by far Blue Point Toasted Lager. It goes really well with BBQ!

That's the news and I am outta here!