So my gift Netflix has ended and I'm back to one movie at a time, and I'm not happy about it. I may just fork out the extra 9 bucks and go 3 at a time to appease the movie demon within. I'm also stuck on this one movie, A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints, can't seem to want to see it for one reason or another and it's bugging the hell out of me! Anyways, here's some short reviews on the flicks I've seen lately:

Crank: Honestly, I never made it to the end of this Jason Statham actioner. It was your typical high octane movie "cranked" to the max as Statham has to get a cure to the poison that'll kill him very soon. The only thing that slows down the poison is Adrenalin. It seemed predictable so I fell asleep on it, and sent it back. So I never got to see if he got the cure or croaked, I'm guessing he did, but I didn't care either way.

Lord of War: Pretty damn good movie about the evolution of an arms dealer. It takes place mostly in the 80's, so it's got this great sense of nostalgia running through it. Nic Cage in one his better roles; I think he shines in these character pieces, like The Weatherman. Good visuals and a compelling narrative makes me want to rec commend it to you, so I will.

Big Nothing: What could've been a good crime comedy with a pretty decent cast, led by David Schimmer and Simon Pegg, kinda gets lost in its own convulsion, and ultimately seems to bore itself to death. It kinda did the same for us as we watched it. Eh, what can you do?

This Film Is Not Yet Rated: A documentary about how movies are rated and the biases that seem to run through this secretive group. It was OK, and while interesting, not completely compelling, and veers down roads that aren't important to the the matter at hand. I think this doc could've been handled better.

Primer: Shouldn't I be into a smart time travel movie? You'd think but, ouch, I didn't get to the end of this one either. More so this time due to the headache inducing dialogue that was being too smart for it's own good. I didn't care for anyone in this movie, and I was way too tired to try and figure out just what they were up to.

Following: This one I really liked. It's Christopher Nolan's first movie, and you can tell right away the guy was slated to become a kick ass director. This is a short and sweet noir tale about a guy that follows people and the trouble he gets involved in because of it. Definitely give this one a check.

The Ex: I'm still trying to figure out why exactly it was called that, but that's the least of this movie's worries. It's got a fine cast, and the ideas for a good comedy were there, but the execution wasn't. The story moves in all kindas of bad directions that just leaves you scratching your head. This could've been awesome, but oh well.

Hot Rod: Last, but not least, we have Andy Samberg's Hot Rod. A wacky comedy in the league of Napoleon Dynamite, but not as weird. SNL's Samberg, and Bill Hader, are pretty darn funny, and the story while dumb, it's cute and fun, and I guess I enjoyed it, although I don't know if it's for everyone. Eh, there are worse movies, so go for it!