It's a huge mega week for me as I have 4 books in the pipe readying to be released to the masses. Not only is it an awesome week because it's the first time I've had 4 books, but also because of the books themselves. First off, there's The All New Atom #21, my second issue on the book, but these time with a completely revamped feel. The new creative team is writer Rick Remender (Fear Agent) and penciller Pat Olliffe (Spidergirl), and they are bringing some old school sci-fi into the series. We made some tweaks to the lettering design to move forward with this direction, new font and feel, so this is a big deal for me. Rick and editor Mike Siglain had some great suggestions so I really think you're gonna like this. I'm really happy to be a part of the book! Next up, Detective Comics #842! I mean, come on, it's Detective Comics, one of DC's oldest and most prestigious books! It's real deal Batman! That alone is awesome, however the creative team is an extra treat, because it's written by one of my favorites, Peter Milligan, and drawn by superstar Dustin Nguyen. It also takes place in a wintry setting, always a favorite of mine. Then we have my second issue of Nightwing, which has been receiving excellent reviews for the current storyline. And finally my second issue of Countdown to Adventure, lettering the backup Forerunner. I hope you can get to the stores on Wednesday and check some or all of these out! Here's the cover art to look for:

Courtesy of DC Comics.