Since it's Easter weekend, I'll do this abit early. So here are next week's lettering entries for me. First up, my first issue of Batman Confidential. This is part 3 of the Wrath Child storyline featuring writing by Tony Bedard (Route 666) and art by Rags Morales (Nightwing). This is a good hard hitting action packed book, and if you haven't read this storyline so far I'd suggest you get down to you LCS and pick up the first two. I really dug Bedard's Route 666 from Crossgen, and he doesn't dissappoint here. Next, the final issue of the Countdown to Adventure miniseries, which has been a good scifi series. I had previously done the last two Forerunner back ups, but got shifted to the main story for the last issue featuring Animal Man, Adam Strange, and Starfire vs. zombie like hordes and other virus stricken aliens. Pretty awesome stories the both of them, so I'm looking forward to a trade of this whole series. And last, but never least, my 3rd issue of Teen Titans Go! features 2 short stories involving Beast Boy and Kid Flash. Fun!

Courtesy of DC Comics