4 books coming this week on the ol' lettering front, at least according to Midtown Comics' website. I question, because DC's website says otherwise about Looney Tunes #161. If Midtown, usually spot on, is wrong, I'll update this post. Anyways, let's start there. It was definitely another crazy trip into my childhood to do a Looney Tunes issue. Handling Bugs Bunny, Yosemite Sam, and Elmer Fudd was quite the fun trip! I'm excited to hold this one in my hands. I'm extremely proud of my third issue of The All New Atom. I think Rick Remender's story is quite fantastic so far, and Pat Olliffe's art is incredible. I encourage everyone to get on board with The Atom for some truly great SciFi madness! Next up, is a character that I'm feeling a kinship for, Nightwing. Not only is he the first Robin, but he's got sort of this NYC attitude that I've totally fallen for. Best of all he's moved to NYC with this storyline, how about that? It was meant to be! Oh, and it's been getting astounding reviews across the board! Last, but certainly not least, I got to do an issue of Midnighter. As I said with the Authority Prime issue, it's just a treat to handle this team in any form. So there you go, 4 books to go out and pick up! Here are the covers to look for, including Ladronn's insane Atom cover. Rock and roll!

Courtesy of DC Comics.