Another restless night, another News and Notes...

-Marilyn was interviewed by, an ultra hip international magazine! The page layout is sick! Please go over, check it out, and see what my GF is up to in the 2008! Marilyn interview @ Flash Film!

-Speaking of interviews, I interviewed Bald Freak Music's Ron Scalzo for Brooklyn Original. Ron is in the band Return To Earth and is the solo artist Q*Ball. He's also a DJ, a teacher, and runs the aforementioned BFM. It's a good, fun interview: Brooklyn Original meets Bald Freak!

-Finished Joel Sherman's Birth of a Dynasty a couple of weeks ago. Great, great book, and one that I highly recommend to any Yankee fan or sports fan or just someone who likes miracle type, feel good stories. It was the perfect way to get me ready for a brand new baseball season, and for the new look of the Yanks!

-I also just finished reading Anthony Bourdain's The Bobby Gold Stories. I equally loved this piece of fiction. It's written by the guy from the Travel Channel's No Reservations and the author of Kitchen Confidential and The Nasty Bits; the latter of which I loved, btw! He's a great writer with such a unique and distinctively NY voice. I got totally wrapped up in this and finished it in a few Subway rides. Totally recommended!

-I'm in the process of working out a panel at the NY Comicon this year which would feature the DC Lettering Department talking about what we do, the history of lettering, why we do it, and give some how to tips! It should be fun, if we can finalize it.

-Speaking of the department, my pal and coworker Steve Wands has a cool blog that he's taken off on lately. If you dig mine here, you should love his as well: Lair of the Swando!

-Comics I've read recently that I've dug include Repo #5, Omega the Unknown #5, Incognegro, and Kick Ass #1. Omega had been the only Marvel book I've been reading lately and I think now will be joined by Millar and Romita Jr's Kick-Ass! The book is about a teenager who decides to be a masked hero, but he doesn't have any powers or skills. It's pretty much a train wreck for the guy shortly after, and I'm looking forward to seeing him get his "ass kicked" some more! Omega continues to be one of the stranger more wonderful books on the market. Readers of Lethem's Fortress of Solitude will dig this book as it definitely shares a sort of kinship to that book. Repo #5 was a fun end to this light hearted series by my pals Rick Spears and Rob G. This is destined to be a good cheesy movie! Incognegro was a fantastic noirish Vertigo graphic novel. I highly recommend this story of a black man, who looks white, in the early 20th century as he conducts investigative reports in the deep south for a Harlem based newspaper!

Ok, I made myself sleepy! That's the news and I am outta here!