Movies, movies, seems like it's all I have the energy for these days. Well here's the latest batch:

SEE NO EVIL: Starring Kane from the WWE. It was as expected, a cheesy, stylistic, bad horror flick. Fun for Kane, but not much else.

MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 3: Best of the series for sure. I was into every part of it. Tom Cruise's personal life often makes you forget that he's pretty good on screen, but man he reminded me here. I mean, don't get me wrong, it's all about the action and suspense, but the guy is pretty good. Simon Pegg is fun in his small role, and Phillip Hoffman chewed up some scenery good.

CONSTANTINE: Much better than I thought it would be. I've hardly read any of the comic series so I was pretty safe from making much comparison, and I'm usually pretty good at separating myself from source materials anyway. Keanu was good, the effects rocked, and hey, the story was pretty solid as well. Color me entertained.

3:10 TO YUMA: Excellent, excellent movie, gotta update my best of 2007 to include this actually. Christian Bale is growing to be one of the best in Hollywood and Russell Crowe was pretty bad ass. It was very cool as well because I watched it with my Dad, who I used to watch westerns with as a kid, so it was kinda nostalgic for me. Highly reccommended!

ACROSS THE UNIVERSE: If you like the Beatles and flower power and all that you'll like this, but I was on the fence. The visuals were great, but overall I found it a bit dull.

TOKYO GODFATHERS: Hands down one of the best Anime's I've seen. An engrossing story about 3 bums who find a baby in the garbage and their quest to get it home. Beautifully animated.

ACCEPTED: Very fun college movie that I liked more than I thought I would, in the vein of Old School and Revenge of the Nerds. Nothing new here, but a good time throughout. I like Justin Long too.

THE US VS. JOHN LENNON: Ok documetary about JL's struggles with supposed FBI spying on him. It was pretty straightforward and just lacked a good punch to make it a great doc. Still, there was a lot interesting info in there that I didn't know about it.