Just some thoughts regarding the whole Roger Clemens/Brian McNamee/Andy Pettitte steroid/HGH he said/she said debacle.

First off there is no doubt in my mind that Clemens did it. That's pretty clear. Who cares that he's the only one that's unwavering? Just because you have the will power to stick to your story doesn't mean it's true. Why would McNamee even come out and say this about his friend when allegedly there was no prior bad blood between the two? And why would Pettitte corroborate the story, as well as Chuck Knoblauch? Sure, McNamee has lied before, but the dude was protecting his friends. That's kinda honorable, no? And Pettitte didn't have to say more about it, did he? But his conscious wouldn't let him, not to mention being under oath, and he spilled the beans about his dad. No, he didn't throw him under the bus, he told the truth with his dad's blessings. Why not clear your conscious?

Today's Pettitte conference should wipe the slate about the subject for him I think. I completely believe that he did it to help his teams, and not let anybody down. He is the type of guy that would pitch till his arm would fall off. He's proven that, HGH or not. I really hope I don't hear negative chants by Yankees fans at the stadium, that would be very low of us.

Honestly, what is with this whole cheating crap anyway that fans and writers can't get past? There will always be cheating in sports in some form or another. Should there be? No, absolutely not. Will there be? Of course! Why waste some much energy caring about tainting the product. And it is a product. Just like anything else you see. Just watch the sport and have a good time. I mean don't get me wrong, I don't condone the use of drugs to get the upper hand, but c'mon did we not all enjoy the McGuire/Sosa home run battle? That saved the sport, now the writers won't let McGuire into the hall??? That's a travesty in my book.

Ok, getting off topic there, but this whole mess has been blown up so big it's just made me wonder about every angle of it, and I guess I'm in the camp of just wanting to watch baseball and not care. Let somebody else worry about it. I'm going to root for my Yankees, and I'm going to root for Andy Pettitte.