I've posted this on a couple of forums already so forgive me if you've seen it:

I saw it last night and I have mixed feelings about it.

Being a life long New Yorker, for one, I was annoyed by the character types portrayed. I wanted to see a movie about New Yorkers getting attacked by a giant monster, not these guys. That said, Hud, the character filming the thing makes them watchable.

Another thing, and more importantly, I didn't like that it felt waaaay too much like 9-11 to me. I mean certain scenes were directly lifted off of footage from that day. It was kinda appalling. I understand that Abrams and crew were following the path of Ishiro Honda, who made the original Godzilla 7 years after Hiroshima/Nagasaki, but like the protest of the people then, I felt the same now. And worse to make it as realistic as they tried to, I just wondered why at points?

All that said though, there were scenes there where you just get swallowed up by whats going on and just have a good time. I was laughing giddily at a lot of it too. Did the spider thingies sound like Donald Duck to anyone else?!

Anyways, for me, in the end, it was more about my anxieties being brought to screen than scares, fun, or anything else, so it's left me feeling weird, where I felt it shouldn't have. Oh well.