I haven't done one of these since turning the blog into a dot com, let's see what little snippets I got...

-I finally found good Chinese food in Brooklyn, not that I've looked all that hard, but it's always seemed that every time I've eaten CF in BK it hasn't been good. My apologies to all the good ones out there. Anyhoo...Men at Wok, they of the fantastical name, is quite good. Located on 11th ave and 65th street, I recommend giving them a try. Marilyn has posted twice about them here and here.

-We randomly hit a special silent movie screening this weekend at the Brooklyn Public Library at Grand Army Plaza and caught 4 good to great SMs with Fatty Arbuckle, Buster Keaton, and Charlie Chaplin. We haven't seen any Arbuckle or Keaton ever so this was quite the surprising treat for both of us. I felt very inspired by the creativity of these movies and plan on getting down there for their next screening.

-I watched the Royal Rumble on Sunday, which was the first wrestling I've watched from beginning to end since the Benoit tragedy. I just kind of got out of it at that point as Benoit was a favorite and it soured me on everything wrestling. The Rumble however was always my favorite event, and boy did it deliver! I may be a little more interested today than I was just Sunday afternoon.

-I am obsessed with Rock Band for the XBox, which scares me. I don't own a system of any kind at this point, and I played for 4 hours straight on Saturday. I think it's brought out this feeling of always wanting to be in a band, but never really had the time or aptitude for it as they were more focused on writing and drawing. Singing and guitar playing are my favorites.

-I'm still working on getting that Brooklynites interview together for Brooklyn Original. I feel like a slacker, but between scheduling and some of it being a little hard to make out, it's taken abit longer than expected. It's really good though, and can't wait for everyone to read it!

-Speaking of Brooklyn I finished reading Jonathem Lethem's Fortress of Solitude earlier this month. That too took a little longer than expected, but the end results were quite satisfying. I'm thinking of doing an expanded review for BO, so I'll hold off on talking about it more for now.

-Currently burning a hole through Joel Sherman's Birth of a Dynasty. Wow, is it ever good! It's about the 1996 Yankees, and it's flooded me with sooo many memories of everything leading up to the World Series not just in baseball, but my life as well.

-There should be news on my creator owned projects soon. This is all the pre-existing stuff you know about like Bio Boy, Vengeance of the Vapor, Turnbuckle, The Twins Chronicles, the Chuck Satterlee collaborations, and a couple of others I've yapped about on here before.

That's the news and I am outta here!