Here's some more short reviews of the latest movies I've seen.

Music and Lyrics: I'm a sucker for Drew Barrymore, but what drew me into this movie was the premise of a former 80's new wave guy, Hugh Grant, trying recapture glory or make some cash with the help of Barrymore who has a knack for writing song lyrics. It was quite a pleasant surprise too. I also think I convinced Marilyn that she wanted to see this movie and that's why it was on my Que. ;)

Cars: Finally saw this Pixar movie, and I really liked it a hell of alot more than I thought I would. I think it was the only Pixar that made me go Meh when I saw the trailers, leading to the long wait, but those boys are pretty darn good at what they do, huh? As always it's filled with alot of laughs, phenomenal animation, and a good helping of heart. Not better than Ratatouille or Monsters Inc. for me but on level with The Incredibles and Toy Story.

The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra: An attempt to make a spoof of a bad 50's style sci-fi movie. Starts out decent with some great laughs, but becomes monotonous rather quickly.

The Life and Death of Peter Sellers: Pretty depressing as an old Pink Panther fan who had no clue about Seller's life to watch, but ultimately a rather good movie. Very creative way to tell the story, and Geoffrey Rush was pretty spot on as Sellers. I'd check this out.

Comedian: This is like a half a good documentary. The Seinfeld parts are pretty fantastic, showing how human the man is as he gets back on the stand up road, loved these parts. But the parts with Orney Adams made me sick to my stomach. The guy is just so disgustingly arrogant, and the type of person who thinks he deserves everything. Oof, if you see it feel free to fast forward these parts, they might give you agita.

The Calamari Wrestler: Now here's a wacky movie from Japan about a wrestler who was transformed into a squid to save his life and now he's trying to win back his title and his girl. Fun movie if not a tad too long.

Reefer Madness: The musical version that is. Very fun little movie with Alan Cumming telling us why pot is bad, Steven Weber trying to convince us it's good, and Jesus doing a Vegas style lounge number. What you need more?!