Here's some short reviews of the last week's movie viewings.

Ratatouille: Loved it. Another great one from Pixar. Their animation techniques get astoundingly better each time out. The story was funny and sincere and really kept my interest throughout. Plus it helps that I'm a foodie and love cooking!

Klimt: Not good, terrible even. I'm not a fan of John Malkovich, but sometimes he does good by me. This wasn't one of those times. The movie was boring and messy as it weaves into artist Gustaf Klimt's life through hallucinations from his deathbed. I gave it one star for the attempt and all the naked women. Serious.

Golden Door: Very touching, frustratingly eye opening movie about the Sicilians coming to America at the turn of the (last) century. This one really hit home for me as I had never experienced my family's dialect on screen before. Very good, and recommended.

Hidalgo: Finally got to see this movie, and I was very satisfied with the results. Viggo Mortenson seems to be pretty good in everything and this is no different. It's the story of a legendary cowboy and his endurance horse who go out to the Middle East to participate in a cross desert race. Fun for all you adventurers!

Dragon Wars: I've been waiting to see this for 5 years. But ouch! This movie has one awesome scene that nearly saves it with a ton of monsters fighting the US army and wreaking LA in the process. Unfortunately it's not enough, the acting is terrible, and the rest is just weak.