This past weekend I caught 2 1/2 movies. The 1/2 was the remainder of The Descent because I wussed out the first time. Pretty good movie, but very scary and jarring.

Next, the documentary Who Killed the Electric Car? I really dug this one. It's about the EV cars that came out in the 90's and subsequently were buried by the car companies. Definitely a frustrating subject matter, and this was a very good, fair, take on it. Had the EVs come out 10 years later there would've been much more support for them.

Also in the weekend mix was I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry, which honestly could've been alot worse. Wasn't great, but I chuckled, no pun intended.

Before the weekend I saw what I deemed as perfect movies in my book for one reason or another: Volver and Shoot 'Em Up. I mean these are about as far apart as you can get, but both worth moving up your Netflix Que to #1. The latter is an adrenaline charged metal fused romp from start to finish that doesn't care about anything, while the former is a somewhat tender story about family with a bit of wicked twist.

All of the movies I mentioned are worth a look. I think next on my Que is Dragon Wars, which I've been warned may not be worth a look, but hey giant monsters are my forte so...